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Any thoughts on this version?

I switched the verses per your suggestion, and fiddled around with the wording a bit here and there as well.

They Speak From the Grave

1: We hear the voice of those long passed

Beyond the realm of sight.

They labored up the mountain steeps

And faced the falling night.

2: The sword of truth they girded on.

Took up the shield of faith.

Ahead the hosts of darkness grim;

At hand no resting place.

3:Their cry awoke the echos voice

And down the following years

We hear their footsteps in the mists

As soft as falling tears.

4:Today beyond the deathless grave

We hear that battle cry:

“Fight on! Fight on! Oh turn not back!

If Truth be worthy – die!”

5:They being dead yet speak to us

Mid ages restless flight:

“Though dust to dust return again

Yet faith shall vanquish night!”