The Church Music Hub is a project of Shenandoah Christian Music Camp. The Hub is intended to encourage more new church music in Anabaptist communities that comes from current Anabaptist writers. 

For most of us, many Sundays can go by before we sing a song of Anabaptist origin and Anabaptist theology. Many more Sundays may go by before we sing such a song that has been written by a living writer. SCMC hopes to encourage more quality church music written and sung within our communities, so that we can continue our rich a cappella tradition.

Our hope is that, in ten years, hundreds of congregations would be singing hundreds of songs that are less than a decade old and are written by people that they know and respect. That hundreds of non-Anabaptists would be finding value in our songs as we have found value in theirs. That material support would be given to those whom God has called to write for their people.

The proposal is a long-term, forward-looking project. However, the cultural investment has the potential of great returns over a decade or further. If you believe in the work, please consider donating.

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