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License Terms

Here are the rights given to members of the Church Music Hub for the use of content licensed by the Hub. If you are the author or composer of a work you would like to submit, see our submissions and rights page.

Here are the terms by which members can use content licensed by the Hub:

  • Clarificatory notes:
    • “Licensee” here includes both those who have purchased an annual membership (termed “members”) and those who have purchased a one-time-use license (termed “one-time-use licensees”).
    • These terms are about Licensing Hub content, and do not in any way apply to Workshop forum content, which is not licensed through the Hub. For those terms, see the Workshopping Guidelines.
  • Terms of use:
    • Licensees are free to copy, project, and use any Licensing Hub content for a congregational setting (defined as use in a group setting where all are invited to participate, and where the content is not being presented to an audience). This includes, but is not limited to, use in churches, schools, homes, or hymnsings.
    • Additionally, licensees may record or livestream any Licensing Hub content if, and only if, the content is presented as a part of a complete or representative recording or livestream of a service in which the content is being used in a congregational setting. The Hub license does not constitute permission to record the content for distribution in any other circumstances.
    • Members may reuse Hub content as long as they remain members (paying annual dues unless excepted by SCMC). One-time-use licensees may use Licensing Hub content for one congregational event, but may not reuse the content without purchasing another license.
  • Licensing restrictions:
    • A membership only constitutes permission for one entity (church, family, school, society, or individual) to copy, project, retain, and use any Licensing Hub content. For example, different churches need separate licenses. A church and a school that are affiliated also need separate licenses. But different classrooms in a single school do not need separate licenses.
    • The Hub license does not constitute permission for a group to prepare and perform the content in order to present it at a public program or event. In other words, choirs and choruses comprising youth, K-12 students, Bible school students, designated church musicians, etc. may not use the Hub license for permission to present music to an audience. For these uses, permission must be obtained from the copyright holder.
    • The Hub license does not constitute permission to distribute or resell the content.
  • SCMC may make changes to these terms, especially during the first several years of this program. In the event of any changes that restrict members’ usage of content, we will attempt to notify all members.
  • For inquiries about gray areas, please email us at To contact a copyright holder, follow this link.