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Helping you sing Anabaptist church music

The Church Music Hub is a project intended to encourage more new church music in Anabaptist communities.

The church needs new poets and composers to keep the river of song flowing. Poets and composers need a place to hone their craft. Join the workshop for discussion and feedback on your poems and compositions. Or purchase a license to sing new songs found in our song library.

Music Licensing

Do you want to sing new congregational songs by Anabaptist authors and composers?

If you’d like to sing songs for congregational worship, family singing, hymnsings, or in a school setting, you can purchase a license to use any of these songs for a year.

This is only for congregational singing, NOT for singing these songs as part of a program or concert. For that, you will need to contact the copyright holders of each song you use. See the license terms for the full terms.

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Do you want to get feedback on a song you wrote?

Note that songs in the forums are not licensed; only the songs in the song library are. If you want to use them, you’ll need to contact the copyright holders.

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Who is welcome?

Anyone who writes congregational church music or texts intended for use in congregational church music. And especially those who enjoy giving and taking compositional advice.

What’s the purpose?

This project is intended to encourage new church music among Anabaptists. Many creators don’t have a way to receive helpful feedback on their texts and music, and thus are limited in their opportunities for growth. This project is intended to help fill that gap.

How does it work?

Post your original work for people to critique, or post your finalized work for people to try out. Be sure you are a good example of the type of feedback you’d like to receive.

How do I join?

Sign up for a free account to post in the Workshop.