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Submissions & Rights

Find information about how to submit, what payment you can receive, and what rights the Hub requires below.

How to Submit Your Work

  • Send your submission through the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Include email address or other contact information for all copyright holders of the work.
  • If you have any followup questions, please reach out to

We will reply to let you know whether your work is accepted, and it will be published online shortly thereafter.






SCMC will pay $35 for each accepted text or tune, sending the payment no later than the end of the fiscal year (Oct-Sept) in which the content was accepted.

What if you submit a song with both text and tune?

  • Only the copyright holder/s of a text or tune (or both) will be paid.
  • For example, if your song text is basically straight out of scripture, without significant new material or form, you are not the creator of the text.
  • For another example, if you are submitting someone else’s tune with your text, that person will be the person paid for the tune.
  • But if you wrote both text and tune, you will be paid for both (for a total of up to $70).
  • In the case of multiple collaborators on a text or tune (e.g., composers and arrangers), the payment will be split between them.


By submitting your text or tune to the Church Music Hub, you agree to the following rights, should your submission be accepted.

Rights Required by SCMC Church Music Hub

Rights Retained by Copyright Holder

Further Notes for Special Cases