They Speak From The Grave

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    Rachel Kaufmann

    They Speak From the Grave

    We hear the voice of those long passed

    Beyond the realm of sight.

    They trod the path which all must tread

    And faced the falling night.

    The sword of truth they girded on.

    Took up the shield of faith.

    Ahead the hosts of darkness grim;

    At hand no resting place.

    Today beyond the deathless grave

    We hear their battle cry:

    “Fight on! Fight on! Oh turn not back!

    If Truth be worthy – die!”

    Their cry awoke the echos voice

    And down the following years

    We hear their footsteps in the mists

    As soft as falling tears.

    They being dead yet cry aloud

    Mid ages restless flight.

    Though dust to dust return again

    By faith they vanquished night!

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