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How does this look?

1: On that night so long ago

Angel choirs were singing.

Hear the message of God’s love

Hear the music ringing:

“Glory be to God on high! “

Christ, the promised Savior

Left his throne to came to earth

Seek him in a manger.

2:Those who long in darkness walked

See the dawn is breaking.

Lift your eyes ye prisoners

Heaven’s armies waking.

See the King in triumph come,

Hear the trumpet sounding.

Lift your voices now and sing.

Echo hills surrounding!

3: Glory be to God on high,

Honor and dominion!

Broken is the pow’r of death.

Satan and his minions.

Give ye praise to God most high.

Sing His praises ever.

He who came to dwell with man

Reigneth King forever!