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Hi Ryan, I really like this!

A couple things that I thought of:

I believe the only parallel fifths and eights are in two places. The first one is in measure 1 on the words “I am” between alto and bass. the second one is in measures 10 and 11 on the words “of life” between alto, tenor and bass. These don’t bother me on the recording, but I don’t think it be very hard to avoid this if you want to.

I would probably bring tenor down to the do on measure 2, beat 4 to avoid doubling the third of the chord. There is a similar occurrence in measure 12 on the word “the”.

I would also try to make the first “I am the Light” the same as the last one in measures 11 and 12 for consistency sake.

Nice work! it has a really nice flow to it.