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Gary Yoder

Hi Evan! I’m really liking the natural minor/modal feel of this piece. I wish I was more knowledgeable about modal writing. I love the sound, and occasionally dabble, but traditional major and minor are safer territory for me! 🙂

I do wonder if the voice-leading could be a little cleaner in a few spots. The bass and tenor movement in measure two feels muddy to me, and uncomfortably much like parallel octaves. It also leads to parallel fifths between soprano and bass on beats three and four.

In measure five my ear likes it better if the tenor goes down to the a for the first two beats, doubling the bass. going up to the c immediately seems muddy to me because of the soprano line. Similarly, the last beat of measure eight, the alto jumps up to c, while the bass is on d without a resolution of the seventh.

Thanks for sharing!