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Gary Yoder

Thanks for the feedback, Lynn! Yes, the sharped re chords do give it a somewhat dated sound. I kind of like them though… :) I’m not sure why, but I like the combination of them with the first measure’s falling alto line (and coincidentally that falling line is repeated in the bass in the very next measure).

Perhaps those chords don’t cohere well with the somewhat bland cadence at measure four? I feel like those chords (and that falling line) are a significant anchor point and would rather alter something else to make it more coherent. But I do trust Wendell’s instincts more than my own! I’d be happy for any more feedback on this aspect. I know it’s something I struggle with in my work–I’ve a myriad of incongruent influences that seem to randomly pop up in the same pieces.

The recording here is a bit choppy–I’m not sure why a few of the notes decided not to sound when rendering the mp3 in my DAW… I wonder if that isn’t making the harmony sound a little extra abrupt and muddy?

Thanks again, and any further suggestions are welcome!