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    Lyndon Gehman

    Over the last year or so I’ve had a growing interest in the history of hymnody and have done some research on some of the earliest known hymns. I’ve sung “O Gladsome Light, O Grace” in the past but never had paid much attention to the age of the text. It is a translation of “Phos Hilaron” a greek hymn from the 3rd Century and is one of the earliest known Christian hymns still currently in use today. This specific translation was written in 1899. Another well known translation is “Hail Gladdening Light” which has been expertly set in a choral setting by Charles Wood.

    I thought it would be enjoyable (and possibly a way to help preserve the text) to take that text and set it to a new tune so I present to you my new hymn tune setting for “O Gladsome Light, O Grace”.

    Lyndon Gehman

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    Lynn Martin

    Nice! I like the modulations.

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