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    Gary Yoder

    Abiding Peace Virtual School is currently offering an online Music Theory I class geared toward high-school students (or pretty much anyone else that’s interested). The material will include understanding notation and how it relates to real music. There will be some ear training as well, although we are severely limited by the nature of an online class in some respects.

    I will be teaching using Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory (Complete) as the guiding text, although we will use some online resources as well. It is an online class after all. We will begin without assuming any prior music education. How far we make it through the book will depend on the progress and experience of the students. I’m primarily interested in making sure that students have a solid foundation.

    A few things to note:

    1) This is a completely online “classroom” via Google Meet, worth half a credit

    2) Class will meet from 5:00-5:50 on Tuesdays and Thursdays

    3) The class will only run if there are enough students enrolled

    4) Enrollment is open, but the door closes at the end of September

    5) This is a first for me–teaching online–so students should plan to be very patient with their non-techy teacher :)

    6) There will be homework and tests… and deadlines for completion; This is not a “do-it-at-your-own-pace” program!

    If you are at all interested, check out the website at or email me with questions!

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