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    Good morning Ben,

    This is a nice piece. I love the pedal tone. Like you mention it could be sung between scripture readings. I could see even singing it multiple times, as a call and response type of piece where you have someone reading scriptures and the congregation responding with this song. It has the flexibility of many of my favorite Taizé pieces.

    A few notes for your consideration.

    1. Measures 2 & 3 felt slightly unintuitive, rhythmically to me. I wonder if it would help to move “for” one beat back, into the pickup of measure 3 (giving it the same C maj chord as “LORD”) and then “He” would occupy the first 2 beats of measure 3?

    2. The similar motion between all of the voices in the progression from measures 4 to 5 slightly bothers me.

    3. I love open 5ths, but I’ll admit the one on the end of this piece felt a bit jarring to me. My gut reaction is that the open 5th doesn’t quite match the harmonies used in the rest of the piece, especially in places like measure 3.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts. Love what you’re doing with this piece!

    Lyndon Gehman

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    Lynn Martin

    I like this overall, and it seems pretty singable. It would be very useful as a short Scripture chorus.

    I agree with Lyndon’s point about the rhythm. I also agree on the open fifths. The tenor will have some trouble tuning their final note, and it would also be a more familiar harmonic language to have them sing a mi. Also, starting out, I think it could be more intuitive to have them begin on a mi. I don’t sense that the benefits of the open fifths are outweighing the disadvantages in either place.

    Otherwise, quite enjoyable!

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    Thank you both for the comments! Those were some of the things that I was uncertain about, so it is good to hear.

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    Have you tried using it in a reading of Psalm 136?

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    Yes, I think I will probably use Psalm 136 with it.

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