Eternal Rest

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    Lynn Martin

    Very nice, Vincent! It flows well and speaks to the text very expressively. Each phrase builds on the last one naturally. Two things. Measure 11 felt a little bit tacked on, like it didn’t move the song forward as well as the rest of the phrases do. Maybe that’s my perception, though. Also, measure 15 felt unsatisfying for some reason. It didn’t seem like a natural end to its phrase, even though I could tell it was intended to open the next phrase.

    Measure 4 will be hard for the bass, but I think it’s singable.

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    Vincent, I too can really appreciate this piece!

    After listening to it, I’d say my thoughts line up much with Lynn’s.

    Some additional thoughts: Going from predominant harmony in measure 4 to dominant in measure 5 and then back to predominant in measure 6 felt a bit awkward to me. Similarly, going directly into predominant in measure 13 after closing out the previous measure with the vi tonic substitute had a similar effect on me. I think opening measure 13 with tonic harmony would be more effective.

    On measure 15, I do like that it helps bring the voices together into measure 16 but my ear wishes to hear the V instead of vii.

    Good work.

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    Thanks for that input! I’ve experimented with a those ideas, retaining a version of some, while others seemed to shift the flavor of the piece in a direction that was less suitable to my aural palate. I also looked over it with Wendell Glick, who had some enlightening observations, as per his usual arrangement. Here is the result of those varied and sundry tweakings.

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    Lynn Martin

    Vincent, I like the changes. Measure 7 feels a bit longwinded to me, at least when the first part is repeated. But otherwise I really like it and would love to sing it sometime.

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    Nice. I think I’ll have to put that one on my list of songs I want sung at my funeral. ????

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