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    Rachel Kaufmann

    Any thoughts on this one?

    1:Who built the expanse of heaven?

    Who set the stars in place?

    Who measured out the length of night?

    Who wove the fabric; space?



    O eternal source of life and light,

    Thy hand all worlds framed!

    The Great I Am, the Living Word,

    Th’ Almighty is Thy name!


    2:Who hung the earth on nothingness?

    Who drew for her a path?

    Who divided light from darkness?

    Who wrote creation’s math?


    3:Who designed the planets orbits?

    Who lit the burning sun?

    Who chose the moon a fitting place?

    Who made the seasons run?


    4:Who upholds the span of heaven?

    Numbers eternal years?

    The bounds of the boundless measures?

    Gives truth for hopes and fears?

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    Lynn Martin

    I like how this one asks questions like we find in Job. Overall, I think this will be very singable. However, the meter really does need to be more regular, if you’re going to find a tune for it.

    The first stanza should be fine. The second stanza’s first line ends with an extra syllable–I would change “nothingness” to “nothing.” Also, its third line is shorter than the first stanza’s third line. The fourth stanza also has a shorter third line. If those were fixed, then a tune could be found or written for it.

    Also, consider that the chorus will be repeated oftener than the verses, so it should be especially well-written and should stay on the theme. How does “I Am” and “Living Word” relate to his power in creation? It does, but the chorus doesn’t make it clear. Also, Almighty is a title, not a name. That maybe shouldn’t bother me, but it does a bit.

    Just some thoughts.

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