Deep River

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    Rachel Kaufmann

    Deep River

    I see the angels beckon me

    Deep river intervenes.

    I over here, they over there,

    The rolling tide between.

    Some day I’ll cross the borderline

    That sunders death and life

    The measure of mortality.

    The final stand of strife.

    I’ll dwell amid that angel throng

    When time shall run her course,

    And darkness never shall come there

    Where lives of light the source.

    I’ll stand and sing the anthem sung

    By all that ransomed host.

    “To God be honor, majesty!”

    Fair joys earth cannot boast.

    From Time into Eternity,

    A step from here to there.

    From death to life, from shade to sun.

    Celestial glories share.

    From pilgrimage to safe at home,

    From storm to harbor rest.

    There toil and sickness are no more,

    Home safe among the blessed.

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