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    Sherri Steiner

    Blessed new day of the newborn week!

    We come with joyful hearts;

    While morning lights the dewy east,

    We leave the world apart.


    Bestow Thy calm and hush earth’s din

    Within these souls who dare

    To open hearts and let Love in

    To calm each troubling care.


    We wait expectantly to hear

    The healing Word of Truth

    That faith renewed may conquer fear

    And holiness be proved.


    Let silent shadows fade and flee;

    Let light fill every space.

    Grant us the vision, Lord, of Thee,

    And guide us into grace.


    Should the first word here be “blessed” or “blest” or does it not matter? Any other input welcome as well.

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    That is very nice!

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    Lynn Martin

    Wow, I totally missed seeing the notification for this. Looks like it came to my spam folder.

    I’ve seen people go either way on blessed vs. blest. The classic poets wrote bless’d, but that may look odd. I personally prefer to just use “blessed” and let people figure out which pronunciation to use based on the way the tune’s rhythm goes.

    I like the poem. I think it works and will be successful when paired with a tune. Although I could wish that the second rhyming pair in st. 3 worked better.

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