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Lynn Martin

I also use MuseScore and find it to work quite well. I don’t think it’s quite as intuitive as Sibelius or Finale, but since you have to pay for those and MuseScore is free, I didn’t mind the learning curve.

Pro tip: To convert to shape notes in MuseScore, click on a staff, then right-click on the staff and click “Staff/Part Properties.” In the dialog box that appears, click “Advanced style properties…” Then at “Notehead scheme:” choose “7-shape (Aiken).”

If you have some cases where two parts are singing unison “fa” and the triangular noteheads together look like they make up a “la” instead, then do this: Choose one of the notes, and in the toolbar to the left, go to the top and choose the “Properties” tab. Near the bottom of that toolbar, choose “Hide notehead.” That will hide the notehead but not the stem, and it will now look like a unison “fa.”

You can find answers to most questions in online MuseScore forums, but that’s one where it’s mostly just Anabaptists who need the answer. 🙂

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