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Yes, good point! I actually missed the fact that it was in a church mode, so I was simply thinking in terms of it being in D-flat major/b-flat minor. so the V chord would be A-flat. however, I just realized that when i was playing it on the piano before, I was adding the third in the final chord of the second line. I actually like what you have written better than what I suggested. so the same would go for what I said about the final chord. however, putting in D-flat would mess up your church mode. Honestly, listening to the recording again, I realize that most of the harmonies play out better than I thought. so, basically after revisiting it, I have only a couple suggestions.

1. check out the harmonies on “eve” in the first line, and “hallowed” in the second line, and “and” in the second measure of the third line.

2. see if there is a way that you can make the final chord more final. maybe even putting soprano on the fifth of the chord instead of the root… I have not worked with Phrygian, and maybe that is just the way it is supposed to sound.

anyway, sorry for the confusion! hopefully this is clarifying. take it all with a grain of salt, the piece continues to grow on me.