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Thanks for your thoughts, Ben. I’ll give them some consideration. I was curious for some clarification on 2 of your points.

You mention:

“and in the last measure of the second line, my ear wants to hear a V chord.”

Are you saying your ear wants to go to a V in the Phrygian mode or a V of the relative Major?


“maybe just putting a I chord in would be helpful.”

The same question applies here. Do you mean the I of the Phrygian mode or the I of the relative Major?

I wasn’t sure if I quite followed you on those two points so I thought I’d see if you could clarify.

As a side note…Admittedly, for me, writing modal music is something I’m still fairly new to and trying to get a better grip on (I guess that’s what a session with Wendell Glick is for!). So far I tend to approach it very horizontally vs. looking at the vertical harmonies.